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by Michael Wanzie

Wanzie’s original “Ladies Of Eola Heights” is the record-breaking smash hit comedy/drama which holds the distinction of being the most successful show ever to be presented at the Footlight Theatre at the world famous Parliament House all-gay resort. “Ladies Of Eola Heights" shattered all previous box office records during its historic 9-month run, resulting in tour buses of senior citizens attending the show from all over Central Florida - and from as far away as Ocala, Lakeland and Port Orange - who happily sat alongside young gay-club-goers to enjoy the show. 

Old wounds resurface when three estranged sisters reunite to plan their father’s funeral during a night of heavy drinking, while struggling to come to terms with their cross-dressing brother.


Ladies of Eola Heights” follows the plight of the estranged and far-flung Locksdale sisters as they reunite in the family home of their upbringing in the Eola Heights neighborhood near Downtown Orlando to plan the funeral of their recently deceased father. As the booze starts flowing defenses are lowered and old wounds and vulnerabilities surface as Sisters Ruby, Opal, and Pearl struggle to come to terms with family baggage and abuse while simultaneously attempting to cope with their realization that their only brother is living his life as a woman who communicates solely through lip-syncing lyrics to recordings of popular songs.


Hi-camp, contemporary, kitchen table comedy/drama.
4 Actors: 3 Female / 1 Cross-dressing Male

Standard Amateur Royalty
$125 per performance 


“The laughs are loud and deserved ... but these camp interludes are headed for a place of tenderness ... Wanzie has a genuine concern for these characters ... a strangely satisfying tale….Record breaking longevity is what happens when a master of wretched excess like Wanzie adds a gentle subtext of female empowerment to one his Southern Gothic bitch fests.”

- Orlando Weekly

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