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by Michael Wanzie

Winner of the Critics Choose Award: Best Show - Comedy
2021 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival


A handsome young sales executive meets a gregarious gay

foot fetishist and finds himself in an unconventional relationship

that he must conceal from his nagging fiance.

“Connor, a gregarious gay foot fetishist, is celebrating his 40th birthday with an MDMA (ecstasy)-fueled rave in a downtown hotel suite, when Bret, a straitlaced, Versace-shod salesman, stumbles in looking for some fun. One erotic toe-stroking session leads to another, and the two soon find themselves entwined in an unconventional relationship that Bret must conceal from his nagging fiancé. As any observer of star-crossed romances can predict, this conflict combusts in a wedding-day showdown that will permanently alter all three lives.” - Orlando Weekly

Contemporary sexual role-playing comedy with a dash of ecstasy (MDMA)

3 Actors: 2 Male / 1 Female

Standard Amateur Royalty
$100 per performance

'It All Started at the Radisson Inn' Poster
"​The play’s structure, and Wanzie’s good ear for a quip, give the comedy its zip…it sends you out the door with a smile on your face."

- Orlando Sentinel

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