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Nonprofessional Performance Rights Application

Be advised that the submitting of this form does not constitute the issuance of a license to perform the WanzieWork which you/your organization is interested in producing.


This is an application which must be approved in writing from before you may be permitted to advertise your production in any way, including audition times and dates.


None of the answers submitted on this form will affect or alter the posted per-performance fees, however this information will be considered in determining your payment schedule which may permit the promotion of your production dates and auditions well in advance of full payment being due.


The information you provide will also aid in accessing the cost associated with an archival license should you desire to obtain the right to record/film your production - only for in-house archival purposes. 

Would you like to purchase an archival license?




No WanzieWork may be produced unless written authorization is obtained from Michael Wanzie.

All WanzieWorks are protected under international copyright laws. Any unauthorized performance of these works constitutes an infringement of the copyright and a violation of the law, with potentially serious consequences for the infringer.

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you shortly.

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