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A Story of Love & War

by Michael Wanzie

A soldier during the Vietnam war finds himself trapped in an underground bunker where he must learn to come to terms with his buddy’s homosexuality in order to survive.


“In Close Quarters” is one of the most serious, searing dramas I've ever seen. This two-hander tells the story of two Vietnam-era GIs – and lovers – trapped together for weeks in an underground bunker. As sensitive Matthew plays Florence Nightingale to macho James' wounds, the pair bond over marijuana and foot massages, which eventually morph into therapeutic handjobs while the enemy hovers overhead. Both of Wanzie's characters possess multiple layers that transcend any dated "queers in the military" clichés, and the shifts from tenderness to violence are devastatingly effective. Whether you are gay, straight or simply human, the final Pietà pose will have you wiping away tears.” - Orlando Weekly

Vietnam war drama

2 Actors: Male

Standard Amateur Royalty
$100 per performance

'In Close Quarters' Poster
Bring a tissue. You'll leave with a tear-stained face, an open heart and a deeper appreciation of the unsung heroes in your life who always have your back.

- Orlando Sentinel

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