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Michael Wanzie is an Orlando, Florida-based, multi award-winning playwright who has the distinction of being the most successful playwright/producer in the 33+ year history of the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival. His works have consistently garnered record -breaking ticket sales.  He is the recipient of the Orlando Fringe Festival's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Wanzie has written more than 30 plays, including several musicals with composer-partner Rich Charron, which have all been fully produced for the stage at various Central Florida theaters. His works have also been presented in

Michael Wanzie

New York City at The Bleeker Street Theater, and at The Producers Club. Wanzie’s particular style of playwriting is often credited by theater critics for incorporating universal themes - palatable to all audiences - into works that highlight queer-positive characters and themes.


Additionally, Wanzie has written entertainment offerings for Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Capone’s Dinner & Show, and Walt Disney World. "Wanzie," as he is known to legions of radio fans both locally on Real Radio 104.1 FM and nationwide via Sirius XM Radio, was one half of the openly-gay comedic movie reviewing duo "Wanzie and Doug," as heard on "The Philip's Phile" for 20 years.


Without exception, plays written by Michael Wanzie take audiences on a roller coaster ride of emotions. His comedies seamlessly blend dramatic themes with hi-camp silliness, and his dramas are laced with comedy.


WanzieWorks on offer at this time are primarily single-set, small-cast plays that are perfectly suited for easy, low-tech theatrical mounting, allowing for excellent profit potential.

WanzieWorks Currently Available for Amateur and Professional Production Licensing:



A handsome young sales executive meets a gregarious gay foot fetishist and finds himself in an unconventional relationship that he must conceal from his nagging fiancé.

Contemporary sexual role-playing comedy with a dash of ecstasy (MDMA).

3 Actors: 2 Male / 1 Female



Old wounds resurface when three estranged sisters plan their father’s funeral during a night of heavy drinking, while struggling to come to terms with their cross-dressing brother.

Hi-camp contemporary kitchen table comedy/drama.
4 Actors: 3 Female / 1 Cross-dressing Male



A soldier during the Vietnam War finds himself trapped in an underground bunker where he must learn to come to terms with his buddy’s homosexuality in order to survive.

Vietnam War drama

2 Actors: Male



Two gay men attempt to come to terms with the untimely deaths of their hippie activist mothers as they struggle to forgive them for their unconventional parenting.


Hi-camp AIDS crisis-era cross dressing comedy
2 Actors: Male 



  • Act 1:  A Krig Brews in Brooklyn - A Jewish woman must convince her aging mother to move into an assisted living facility following the death of her sister.


  • Act 2:  Not in My Father's House - After a former altar boy meets with tragedy, his childhood friend returns to the church with pointed questions for their old pastor, while simultaneously seducing him.

  • Act 3:  The End of the Rainbow - As she overdoses on drugs, Judy Garland hallucinates a visit to a post-apocalyptic Land of Oz and discovers the unimaginable results of the carbon footprint she left behind as Dorothy from Kansas.

Three short, one-act plays performed back-to-back to create a theatrical montage of colorful characters in divergent circumstances. All are struggling to maintain a sense of home, with a little prescription drug abuse thrown in for good measure.

Jewish guilt.  
Catholic scandal. 

 Hi-camp comedy.

4 Actors: 2 Female / 2 Male

DRAGNESS OF GOD and the Naked Holy Ghost

A court-ordered psychiatrist endeavors to pierce the code of silence at Mary Queen of The Universe Convent in an attempt to discover how a virgin novice gave birth without ever having known a man. Perhaps the Naked Holy Ghost had something to do with it.

3 male cross-dressing actors



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